The tristate area's fastest rising premier 
Motown, R&B, dance, concert and show band.
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You can find additional RapidFire information at the web site below as we are proud to be affiliated with Sound Nation NY in cooperation with Victory Entertainment.
Upcoming Shows:

Saturday Night, April 19th, 9PM
2016 Route 112
Medford, NY 


  The name and the logo are descriptive.

These outstanding musicians truly bring the HEAT.
You will feel the burn, and your temperature will rise,
and you will not be able to stop your feet from moving
and your hands from applauding.
An absolute treat for your eyes and ears alike.

Unique arrangements of familiar tunes from the history
of Rock and Roll will startle and delight all audiences.

As our fans say, "songs like you've never heard them
played, like they should be played"
in the distinctive RapidFire style!
This singular band features over 16 decades
of combined musical expertise

JCisco:  From American Idol Season 4, his brand of vocal
expression is dripping with energy and attitude.

  Cara Minichiello:  Is an outstanding and accomplished vocalist who brings soulful stylings to every performance, enhancing the RapidFire experience

 Bobby VeniceHe re-invents the saxophone in the most interesting and energetic ways imaginable,
with power and taste.

  Joseph AlaimoHe brings a fluidity to the guitar that is sorely lacking in competitive bands,
along with heartfelt vocals.

 Ken 'Drums of Thunder' FlintThe true rhythmic backbone to the group, 
always striving to bring something new and wonderful to the moment.

 Paul PalmHe will give you a new reason to love the bass guitar
 listen to his magic.

Dennis O'Flaherty
The man was our visionary and guiding light. His spirit lives on in the RapidFire experience. He was a unique individual. Though his musical genius will be missed his influences will continue to be felt and heard through the music we choose to play for you.

            Long Island's most unique dance and concert band

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