Reviews of the Band

Stefania, 9/17/14

Hey Joe, RapidFire:

Thank you all so much for putting on such an awesome show for our guests and for me and Ed-RapidFire delivered even beyond our expectations!  So many of our guests raved about our band and you really helped make our wedding reception memorable.  We hope to check you all out at one of your gigs again soon!  Please feel free to put the contents of this email on your website as a review-you truly are unique and wonderful band!

Thank you again, 
Stefania and Ed

Luanne from New York - 6/11/2012

Hi There,
Just wanted to drop you a note that I have been following you 
since last year when I saw you perform at Molly Malones. I have 
seen you perform at various different restaurants, like Molly 
Malones, Antoinettes, etc.
I went to see you this past Friday and brought all my friends 
and family. I just want you to know how much everyone truly 
enjoyed listening to you all. I just love your band. You are 
without a doubt the most professional band I have seen. Your 
singers are totally awesome, putting their heart and soul into 
everything they sing. Your backup band is incredible. My 
friends and I had the best time listening to you. Your band is 
so awesome. You sounded just like the artists whose songs you 
sang, and just your stage performance is the best we ever saw in 
a band. We didn't want the music to stop. You all had us up 
and singing and dancing all night......
We will all be following you to all your performances .
 My friends and I can't wait to hear you perform again.
 You are better than professional bands that we have seen.
 Thanks so much for always making our nights so totally enjoyable 
when we see you.
 Also, the members in your band are so friendly and just make the 
audience feel great.
Looking forward to seeing you all again!!


Marion from New York - 6/19/2012

LOVED, LOVED, loved your music and your enthusiasm. As I
explained to the
lead lady, your music wakes the soul. Keep it coming.



Hello Jay and Cara!

From The Beach Hut to Madisons to Antoinettes to Eisenhower Park and
beyond...We have been fans for over a year now and you never
disappoint! You all put your heart and soul into every performance. Keep plugging
away.someday we will say we knew you when..

Karen and Ron

North Bellmore, NY

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The RapidFire team
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